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101 Reasons to Kill all the Lawyers – That Part which Laws or Lawyers can Cause or Cure

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The Law for IT Professionals
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The Art of Law

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There are a number of ways to view our various books.  The first is to buy a book.  This can be autographed and contain a special message.  Paul is very willing to come up with a message if you can give some background on the recipient, alternatively you can tell him what you wish him to say.

Secondly, to buy an ebook which is immediate.  There are various formats for ebooks. Paul mainly uses Amazon which offers a Kindle App so that the eBook can be read on any computer, Ipad, iphone etc. Amazon make this easy. Just click on any of the above links.

If you do find this confusing or have any questions please just call or email.  Please be assured that we are far better lawyers than retailers.  However, we are very mindful of the Chinese proverb "Man without smile should not open a shop" so you will find our response to queries, unusually cheerful.

For people who just want quick delivery of the knowledge an eBook is ideal as it can be downloaded directly to your own computer in a matter of a minute or so.  However, eBooks do not allow you to print out the book.  This is a major disappointment and great inconvenience to some readers.  For this we apologize. 


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