The Law is an Ass - make sure it doesn't bite yours! 

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Kerri-Anne Kennerly on Channel 9's "The Morning Show"

"invaluable advice......a very clever book"

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NSW Law Society Journal "You'd have to be hard to please not to be laughing continuously".

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Is the law something of a mystery to you?

Do you sometimes feel you should know a little more about the way the law works?

If you answered yes, this book is for you. Paul Brennan has written a terrific little book that combines the qualities of a useful resource book on the law with dry humour and the odd belly laugh.

Designed primarily to give you basic legal information. Paul’s book will keep you amused while providing you with insights and understanding. Whether you are a corporation warrior, small business owner, professional advisor or interested amateur there is a place for this book on your bookshelf.




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