"How to make a Funny Legal Presentation and other things that they didn't teach you at law school"

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How to Make a Funny Legal Presentation... and other things that they didn't teach you at law school

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions you may be interested in this new eBook advising lawyers and other professionals in a practical way, things that they can do to tastefully promote their services which includes not only how to make an audience laugh but also how to:

write a book and/a newsletter/ a blog

In an entertaining and easy manner, Paul writes about what has worked and what hasn't worked for him so that you can quickly and painlessly decide what will work for you.

This book is book funny and wise. A great read, author Paul Brennan, a real-life lawyer and professional speaker, does more than sugar the pill. He entertains, informs and embeds his many useful messages with top-drawer written and visual humor.
Rodney Marks

Hoaxes and Jokeses



Who knew a lawyer could be this funny!  I discovered a lot of really helpful stuff - particularly about seeking and promoting speaking opportunities.  A thorough knowledge of the law may actually be an impediment for the reader, but a huge advantage to the rest of us.

Craig Allingham

Speaker on High Performance Health

(available for radio, conferences, YouTube, etc. Google me.)


"I read this book in one sitting. It was amusing and easy to read with relevant quotes from the greatest wits of the twentieth century".

James Wilson-Smith 



"This book is an invaluable tool for lawyers who want to stay at the cutting edge of business marketing."

 Marcus O'Leary 
Media, Brands and Technology

"I sent this book to everyone in my law firm. Whether it works for them or not, this book will get them thinking and doing marketing like nothing else has."   

Peter Jones

http://www.forwarderlaw.com/, Canada



" help at hand for lawyers chasing their 15 minutes of fame"

Lawyers Weekly

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Stop being boring be famous

"There is no mystique in marketing.  It requires persistence and hard work.  This book is full of practical,  no-nonsense tips which apply to every practice.  It provides a very useful contribution to legal services marketing."

Graeme McFadyen


Australian Legal Practice Management Association, Queensland Division

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Some tips on marketing law firms from other lawyers

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