Releasing The Dogs Of Law

Releasing The Dogs Of Law Order

It is to help you deal with your legal conflicts.  It not only covers court actions but fights with government departments, multi nationals, club committees, your spouse, neighbours and all sorts of other people and organisations that wind you up.

Most importantly, it deals with how to avoid disputes in the first place which is often the most effective but least popular option.

It is intended for a worldwide audience.  The types of legal issue that people have are universal.  The laws may try to be different but when it gets down to it they are dealing with the same problems.  Having said that a legal case can turn on a single word but the big picture strategies to avoid, win or at least not dig too deep a legal hole, are very similar.

Paul Brennan is a lawyer practicing in Australia with a diverse legal career spanning the UK, North America and Asia.  He drawn legal cartoons for various publications including the Australian Financial Review and is the author of several books including “The Law is an Ass…Make Sure it Doesn’t bite yours!”.


Paul Brennan, lawyer

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