101 Reasons to kill all the lawyers

A funny book about law and lawyers based on the 101 Reasons to Kill All the Lawyers blog.

An entertaining take on life as a lawyer that skilfully weaves together witty cartoons with satirical insights into the legal profession. Lawyers Weekly

A humorous insight into the idiosyncratic ways of lawyering, catchy in its unpredictability with clever anecdotes about a lawyer's lot. Peter Fagan-Law Society Journal

If you've had one of those weeks (or semesters) where you have found yourself thinking that this law caper is horribly dry and dull, 101 Reasons to Kill all the Lawyers is a book to revive your spirits.... read on Survivelaw.com.au the blog for law students and law graduates

For a profession known for taking itself rather seriously, lawyers are also exceptionally good at seeing the funny side of the practice of law.

There are few better at the art of skewering the pretensions and idiosyncrasies of legal practice than Queensland lawyer Paul Brennan, author of the Law & Disorder website which, for years, has been dispensing useful legal advice heavily disguised as comedy. As well as tips on topics such as “The 10 greatest legal mistakes in business . . . and how to avoid them”, the site is host to caustic and comic legal cartoons, an ezine and more.

Those readers familiar with the comic Queenslander’s books, including The Law is an Ass . . . Make Sure It Doesn’t Bite Yours, can now add to their collection with the latest Brennan book 101 Reasons to Kill all the Lawyers.

The book grew out of Paul’s blog of the same name. He said he decided on 101 reasons as he didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1001.

But there’s nothing depressing about 101 Reasons, with its advice about the things lawyers should know about but might not, such as the secret of enjoying committee meetings, how to field complaints, career planning and dealing successfully with their own legal problems. It is also about things Paul says lawyers are not expected to know about but probably should such as change, innovation, emo tions, relationships and sex.

Law Institute Journal (Victoria)

September 2013 87 (9) LIJ, p.86

"I didn't realise what an uneventful life I've had until I read 101 Reason to Kill All the Lawyers. Paul Brennan's personal anecdotes are hilarious as are his cartoons". Tony Laumberg. Lawyer and playwright

“Paul Brennan skillfully blends the two opposing forces of Law and Humour and the result is an extremely funny and enjoyable read" Gary Clark, cartoonist www.swamp.com.au

"Paul Brennan has done it again! His new book is full of anecdotes and cartoons that touch a nerve. Guaranteed to make you chuckle!” Simon Tupman, author, Why Lawyers Should Eat Bananas www.simontupman.com/

“I decided on 101 reasons as I didn’t want to depress the entire legal profession by having 1,001” Paul Brennan www.101reasonstokillallthelawyers.com


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