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1.  Intellectual Property - 10 things to know about IP that clients have paid me to tell them

IP has been described by the Financial Times as one of the key drivers of business competitiveness  in the 21st century.

Does your team have a clear understanding of what IP is all about? Based on his book Easy IP-How to use the law to protect your money-making ideas Paul will share with your organization proven methods that you can take and apply right away to identify and defend IP by using copyright law.

It is a free flowing interactive session leaving your team with a good understanding of the IP law that will help your business succeed. 

“A most interesting and unique perspective on IP. I don’t suppose Paul could explain the Carbon Tax in such a manner, the Prime Minister needs him”

Malcolm Chilman, Institute of Public Accountants

2.  Legal Disputes, the Art of War and You

Have you ever wondered what a Chinese Warlord could teach you about legal disputes?

3. Thy Will Be Done : The Ten Commandments of Will Disputes

Deceased estate disputes are on the increase. There is more money around to argue about. There are certain things that you should know before it is too late.

4.  The 10 Greatest Legal Mistakes in Business ... and how to avoid them

It is difficult for even the most creative business person to commit entirely new legal mistakes. They've all been done before - many, many times. Often people wait until they are desperate before they see a lawye r about a legal problem - this just seems to be human nature. But you don't need to learn the hard way. You can avoid legal mistakes if you know what is coming.

5. The 10 Things Managers and their teams should know about the Law

If you are the sort of employer who likes to guide your staff from time to time on how to improve themselves and if you have exhausted your diatribes on issues such as safety, working as a team, and not putting fag butts out the window, then law is the subject for you.

6. After dinner Speech

This is a highly researched after dinner speech where he finds out about his audience, the characters, the running jokes, what is going on in the organization and puts it together in a funny speech.  This tailored presentation technique adds to audience enjoyment.  Paul uses law (and sometimes his cartoons) as a vehicle to deliver the laughs to make your dinner a success.

7.  The Legal Guide To Dying - Baby Boomers Edition

Generally people can laugh about death provided it is not their own.

But for many Baby Boomers (b. 1946-1962) it can be a touchy subject.  They need to keep their inheritance away from step relatives, charities and caring neighbours.  The more money at stake, the more potential beneficiaries seem to turn up.  Meanwhile their parents are growing older and less inclined to leave all their money to their children, as of right.

8. “Hang On To It Girl: The Wily Woman's Guide to Wills!”

In entertaining, humorous style  Paul highlights the biggest legal traps in succession planning, traps that can cost your family your fortune to resolve - and which all too frequently can destroy families.


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