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Your Will - a thankless task? Making your Will involves consideration of giving all your money away and your death. Subjects with limited appeal to all but the most responsible members of society. This is why people often do not rush to make their own Will and lawyers focus on other people's Wills.

Your adult children and their inheritance At some stage, you must break it to your adult children that you will not be around forever. To their credit they will probably take it a lot better that you expect provided you have covered all the usual bases. 

The Wicked Series - advice to blended families 

The 10 Greatest Self-Inflicted Legal Mistakes made by Parents

The 10 Most Expensive Legal Mistakes in business

Trustees in the firing line and Success - a problem


Christmas - Heed the bank's advice

The Man With Four Lawyers

Inheritance Prospecting

Without Prejudice and Time Limits 

Tribunals and the Anniversary of HK Handover

Mediation 1

Landlords Beware

Defamation 2 

Defamation 1

Going broke, bankruptcy and dealing with liquidators


Free Christmas gift to our Clients; Enforcement and Mr Pickwick 

Litigation the last resort and eBook of 10 Greatest series 

Trade marks and Will Disputes 

Business Leases and fights with Members of your club

10 GREATEST LEGAL MISTAKES IN BUSINESS...and how to avoid them Series 

How far are you prepared to go?

Fights with your friends 

Fights with Government Departments and involving the Ombudsman

Partnership disputes and oppression of minority shareholders

How to terminate a contract safely

How to make contract terms stick, courts will enforce contracts 

"Time of the Essence" May not always mean time of the essence 

Deals - Assume That You Have a Duty of Good Faith

Employee Legal Awareness Day

Why read the Art of War?


How to take down your enemies website

Protecting your brand online

infringing photos on your website-getting caught!

Your Photographs & Facebook

Family Dramatics - Dealing with the Mother-In-Law

Ezine Express - 10 Essential Legal Tips for Businesses in a Coronavirus Pandemic

IP Actions - Where to start?

Family Dramatics - The Daughter-in-Law

Suspicious Circumstances - 7 Things to Check When You are Left Out of a Will

Family Dramatics - Your Dad and His Money


Family Dramatics - You and Your Money

Family Dramatics - Extreme Wealth & The law

Litigation Express - Fights with Strangers

Litigation Express - Fights with Members of your Club or Association

Litigation Express - Fights with your Neighbours

Litigation Express - Fights with your Friends

Litigation Express - Fights with your Employer

Litigation Express - Fights with Multi-nationals

Litigation Express - Fights Involving the Ombudsman

Litigation Express - Fighting with Government Departments 

Litigation Express - Fighting Over the Carcass

Litigation Express - Oppression of Minority Shareholders

Litigation Express - What are the Defences to Defamation?

Litigation Express - Shareholder Disputes

Litigation Express -  Restraint Clauses 


Litigation Express - Contract Terms 

Litigation Express - Mechanics of Termination

Litigation Express - Fighting Over the Carcass

IP Express - Keeping a Low Profile: The Right to Privacy

IP Express - Confidentiality: Protecting Trade Secrets

IP Express - The Law of Lists

IP Express - How do you Protect Your Copyright Works?

IP Express - What is Copyright Infringement?

IP Express - Copyright: What is it?

IP Express- The 5 Types of IP Law

IP Express- IP Actions: Where to Start

IP Express- Looking the IP Opportunity in the Mouth

IP Express- How to Cope With Being Plagiarised

IP Express - Disputes with Friends

IP Express - Groucho and the Name

IP Express -  You are the Man: Stolen Domain Names


November (Express) - Christmas Gift Ideas!

October (Express) - Litigation and Oscar Wilde

August - What is the biggest threat to your retirement ? - Your kids

July - Practical IP Tips, competition results and Presentation

June - Infringing Photos on your Website - Getting Caught!

May- Tone Down your IP Threats

April - Copyright/Design Overlap & Competition!

April (Express) - The 10 Greatest Self Inflicted Legal Mistakes made by Parents

March (Express) - The Best Criminal Defence Ever

February - Hating leases and Uberizing Legal Services


December - Christmas Edition

November -“ Promises Made Outside a Will can be Binding


October - Will Disputes Special

July - 10 greatest Legal mistake in business revisited

June - Coping with Rel-ex

May - mental capacity and wills, Bedlam

April - Disputes governments, multi-nations and privacy

March - Death of Australia's Legal Agony Aunt

February - Sun Tzu,  Employee Legal Awareness Day and Lawyers in Love Slideshow

January - Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution and "EADR"


December - Christmas Edition

November - Contracts, Penalties and John Fytit's new book - I'll Have the Law On You

October - Tribunals, Debts and The Old Bailey

September - Fathers Day Special

August - Left Out of a Will? - The 10 Factors to Support a Claim

July - Designs, car parking, Instagram photos, Free Speech in the Home, Interview Hang on to it Girl

June - Mediation Special

May - Launch of Hang on to it girl

April - What your insurer can do for you

March - Sex in the Dock

February- Terms and conditions, and 3 other things to know about contract law


December- International Wills, Christmas greetings, New Legal Christmas Card shop


November- Download a new eBook on using humour in speeches, business presentations, 30 second introductions.

October- The Family Lawyer is Dead, Download a free eBook

September- Legal Advice to Fathers, Your Dad and his money, The Art of War and advising clients

August - IP Threats, inspiration for prosecutors and book review

July - Misleading and deceptive conduct, the Art of War

June - Mutual wills, ombudsmen and the HK Handover

May - Advance Health Directive, Other peoples' children, advice to mothers and father of the bride speech

April - Defamation, Body Corporate Chairman, wills on a shoestring, event

March - Distributors-termination, Cartoon competition, New book

February - Losing your inheritance, Cartoon competition, Lawyers in Love Slideshow, Employee Legal Awareness Day

January - Without prejudice-are using it correctly? And Falling Crime rates


December - Life going nowhere, Christmas cartoon

November - More about the law and social media, how to win awards

October - Social Media Special, protecting your photos on Faebook, defriending, charity and lawyers

September - More on IP and Clive Palmer

August - Moral Rights, Marriage and death

July -  Ombudsman, competition, book launch

June - Caption competition, Mothers in Law making wills, witch hunts and Sydney book launch


May - Aged Dad Special, having capacity to make a will and protecting it from being challenged

April - Ten Greatest on-line mistakes and how to avoid them

March - Trusts special

February - Lawyer Trauma, New Book.

January - Cartoon Caption Competition


December - How to remove your enemy's website and complain about flight delays

November - Taxi driver complaints

October - Are you IP Savvy Quiz and Prize

September - Parents Mismanaging Your Inheritance Special

August - Commercial leases and launch of Easy IP-the Movie

July - Defamation Special and Launch of new eBook

June - Adult Kids "Giving You Grief" Special.

May - Going broke and being put out to pasture.

April - Protecting your personal property, how to introduce yourself and new law student blog

March - Legal Advice Abuse ('Legal AA'), New Register of your interests, Winner cartoon competition.

February - Getting the law wrong, Lawyer's valentines, Last call for competition

January - Social media for the anti social and fighting city hall


December - Relating to teenagers, Legal Cartoon Competition and Free legal advice

November - Gossiping the do's and don't, Property lawyers, are lawyers unpopular results of 4 year study

October - Employ a migrant, mutual wills, legal outsourcing, launch of 26 on-line shops

September - Fathers wasting your inheritance, free download Wills podcast, free Father's day gifts, more on humorous speaking

August - Humorous speaking, parents not coping with finances and Judges' Social skills

July - Humorous speaking and how to be sacked

June - Humorous speaking special and re launch of legal problem page

May - Royal Wedding Special :Bottoms and Baronets

April - Lawyer's delay, Fathers, driving lessons and teenage children

March - Free Cartoon Ap, Stat. demands, property, winnner-cartoon comp.

February- Enforcing debts, other lawyers, speaker.

January - How to avoid driving fines, inheriting money from rich relatives, Cartoon Competition


December  - Free legal screensaver, accountants, "Sunrise", advice about children and money

November - Legal chain letter, Small business IP knowhow

October  - New business warning statement, gifts, launch of Easy IP

September  - Father's Day, AG interview, legal quiz and preparation

August - Mothers-in-law, partnership breakups, defamation

July -  Theft at funerals, fighting neighbours, legal cartoon App

June -  Legal receptionists, Client's Dilemma, unregistered mortgages

May - Mothers under attack, protecting lists and negative legal advice

April - Where to start with IP actions, managing lawyers, IP demands

March - defamation, brothers-in-law, losing money like MAGIC, IP book

February - committee meetings and time limits

January - fiduciary duty and lending money to friends


December - Volume 37 - Quiet in the Court

November - Volume 36 - Alcoholic Sons, Wealth Distribution and the Law

October - Volume 35 - How to get out of a Contract, The DIL (Daughter-in-law)

September - Volume 34 - Franchise Special

August - Volume 33 - How to Apportion Blame, Let sleeping clients lie

July - Volume 32 - Advice on cutting your spouse out of your will.

June - Volume 31 - Extreme Alternative Dispute Resolution

May - Volume 30 - Going broke? Plan ahead

April - Volume 29 - Insolvency Special

March - Volume 28 - The enemy within: Your business partner

January - Volume 26 - KIDDERS-the latest threat to your happy retirement, Mission financial crisis accomplished!


December - Volume 25 - Copyright Special

November - Volume 24 - 10 tips to avoid legal disaster in a financial crisis, Stolen domain names

October - Volume 23 - Trustees in the Firing Line,The importance of avoiding legal potholes

September - Volume 22 - Matters of principle and your money, Losing friends and suing people, The sincerest form of flattery-being copied

August - Volume 21 - Releasing Hell the importance of being strategic, Law firm blessed by Pope

July - Volume 20 - Human rights do not come cheap! Franchising-A Quickstart Five Point Plan

June - Volume 19 - Debt-where is thy sting? The do's and dont's of a Franchisee 

May - Volume 18 - Tribunals, Internet TV, How to Blog and stay legal

April - Volume 17 - Contract- It is not over until it is over, Dealing with Will Resistance, Legal Guide to Dying-Baby Boomers Edition

March - Volume 16 - The Shadow AG and Me, Reading of the Will, What to tell the children

February - Volume 15 - The Legal Secret, A Legal Guide to the Dying


The launch on 1 December 2006 of the Law and Disorder's Ezine was another step forward in the legal publications industry.  Following in the footsteps of Halsburys, the All England Reports and Stroud's Judicial Dictionary.

Contributions are welcome. We are looking for short legal articles-300 words which attempt to be funny and informative. No section numbers, case names or focus on the law of any one country. The Editor's decision shall be final (especially with his competitors) but if it is good we would be pleased to include it in the Ezine which has a circulation of over 2,500 spanning 20 plus countries. Other funny material with a legal focus can be submitted however it must be good and brief as our readers have a very short attention span.

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