"Hang on to It Girl: The Wily Woman's Guide to Wills"

By lawyer Paul Brennan

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In entertaining, humorous style Paul highlights the biggest legal traps that can cost your family your fortune to resolve - and which all too frequently can destroy families.
You will learn:
•    How to avoid turning your children from best friends into sworn enemies
•    Deal with spendthrift, drunken, philandering partners or children
•    How to stop your daughter in law running off with your money
Deceased estate disputes seem to me to be on the increase. There is more money to argue about nowadays.
People are living longer. They may decide to give their money to a worthy cause or friend, rather than to their children. As the children usually consider the money their rightful inheritance, it leads to a dispute. Above all, people have much more interesting lives.

Who nowadays is prepared to put up with meeting a woman and staying with her 25 years plus? Apart from me, that is. Unlike many other things in life, the more money that you have, the more miserable the “Succession Planning” process can be. Your lawyer can be a “ray of sunshine” in the whole process, hard to believe I know.

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