Volume 73 - December 2012
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I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our readers.

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101 reasons to kill all the lawyers

Paul Brennan


Author of The Law is an Ass...Make Sure it Doesn't Bite Yours!


How to Take Down Your Enemy's Website

father christmas complaintsSomeone has got something on their website which belongs to you. It could be a photograph, an article or all or part of your own website. You ask them to remove the offending item and they either refuse to do so or ignore you.

In a perfect world you would launch a cyber attack, or send an 11 man Israeli assassination team dressed as tennis players to take them out. Less satisfying but just as effective, would be to have the host of the offending website switch it off until the offending items were removed by the website owner.

Here is a three step plan to achieve this:

  • Tell your IT person the problem and ask him to find out who hosts the offending site. If you try to do this yourself you will be awash with terms; some vaguely familiar such as domain name and internet service provider (ISP) and others that are way out, such as WHOIS, carriage service provider, registrar and registrant.
  • Send the host a Take Down Notice. This is a request which identifies the infringing content and requests that it be removed. It is the duty of the host to take down the website expeditiously (loosely defined as 48 hours) after receiving a Take Down Notice or they can become liable themselves for the copyright infringement.
  • Send a copy of the Take Down Notice to the offending site. This may take the fun out of the Take Down Notice procedure but it may cause the site owner to decide to remove the infringing item rather than risk the site being taken down unexpectedly.

If you doubt that the host can unexpectedly take down a website, just think about the last time that your own website disappeared for a day or more.

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How to Complain About Your Airline Trip

aviation lawyerHave you ever been bumped off a flight and wondered if there was anything legally you could do about it? Well, Sydney lawyer Tony Cordato of Cordato Partners has this advice...

Why airlines can refuse to fly passengers

Air travellers cannot assume that if they hold an air ticket for a domestic flight in Australia, the airline must honour the flight arrangements. When must the airline honour the air travel arrangements?

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