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Volume 95 - July 2014

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101 reasons to kill all the lawyers +You

Paul Brennan
Editor and Author of The Law is an Ass...Make Sure it Doesn't Bite Yours!

The Art of War - coping with conflict

Most people engage in litigation only once unless they have a very understanding spouse. At the outset, there is a lot to be gained by reading the Art of War by Sun Tzu, which is not only a manual of warfare, but a sage guide to engaging in conflicts both business and personal.

For those potential litigants who do not have the time to read the Art of War, here is the take home:

Twelve lessons for litigants from the
Art of War by Sun Tzu

1.    Do not first fight and then look for victory.

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(c) Paul Brennan 2014. All rights reserved.

This is an extract from the second edition of Unleashing the Dogs of Law which the author intends to get around to but for now the 1stedition is not bad. Click here to view the 1st edition.

Misleading and deceptive conduct

It is wrong to engage in “misleading and deceptive” conduct but as a business associate, neighbour, partner (romantic or otherwise) who hasn’t? It may have been trivial, or alternatively you didn’t get caught but it goes on all the time. In business, one man’s misleading and deceptive conduct is another man’s smart move unless the deceived and misled get very upset and sue which happens, especially if they lose money.

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(c) Paul Brennan 2014. All rights reserved.

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Subway Allegedly Held to Ransom

Last year, my son introduced me to the delights of the Meat Ball Sub. So, when Channel 7 Breakfast Show "Sunrise" asked me to comment on an alleged threat by a Subway franchisee to expose Subway's recipes on the internet if they did not pay him $35M, I could not resist here to see the interview.

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Disclaimer: The content of the Law & Disorder eZine is to give you legal basics and in some instances, included unashamedly to try and make you laugh. In law, it is sometimes difficult to work out what is serious and what is just for fun. Therefore, if you plan to do anything legal, rely on your own lawyer's advice or instruct me to look at the particular facts of your case. Not only will I deny responsibility for the legal content but also for some of the jokes.

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