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Volume 104 - May 2015

In this issue:

Launch of new book  - Hang on to it girl 
The Wily Woman's Guide to Wills

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Paul Brennan
Editor and Author of The Law is an Ass...Make Sure it Doesn't Bite Yours!

Hang on to it girl 
The Wily Woman's Guide to Wills

Many family issues are common place:

  • Your wayward son is not unique especially when drink is involved. 
  • If your daughter-in-law is a fright, you are not alone.
  • And I will not start you off on your husband.

You have reached an age where you can see the big picture and your mother was right. 

Now what? Well, it will take determination, strength and a legal fees…. but first read Hang on to it girl - The Wily Woman's Guide to Wills. 

Cherie Blair described this book as “funny and short”, or at least I think she was referring to the book. 

“Guaranteed to make the woman of the house laugh which could be a first in some cases” John Fytit, lawyer.

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Disclaimer: The content of the Law & Disorder eZine is to give you legal basics and in some instances, included unashamedly to try and make you laugh. In law, it is sometimes difficult to work out what is serious and what is just for fun. Therefore, if you plan to do anything legal, rely on your own lawyer's advice or instruct me to look at the particular facts of your case. Not only will I deny responsibility for the legal content but also for some of the jokes.

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