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How to raise your practice profile

How to make an audience laugh -putting humour into your legal presentation

Lawyers often do not wish to suggest that their speech is going to be humorous in case it isn’t. They hope to appear spontaneously or even unintentionally funny as it is safer. 

How to make a funny legal presentation ... and other things they didn't teach you at law school

An ancient Chinese proverb says “- A man can wait long time before crispy fried duck flies off plate into open mouth”.

Whether you are a sole practitioner having a slow day, a junior lawyer vying for partnership or a partner trying to hang onto it- you need to let people know you are there.  If you have the time Rotary, committees and associations are excellent tried and tested methods.  If you don’t have time (and few people seem to nowadays) then an alternative is speaking, radio, legal columns, newsletters, interviews, events, TV, books and other ways of “getting yourself out there”. 

After dinner speech

This is a highly researched after dinner speech for the legal industry where he finds out about his audience, the characters, the running jokes, what is going on in the organization and puts it together in a funny speech.  This tailored presentation technique adds to audience enjoyment. Paul uses law (and sometimes his cartoons) as a vehicle to deliver the laughs to make your dinner a success. 

If you wish to book Paul to speak at your next conference or event, please contact us: on (07) 5438 8199 or Email:


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