It would be great if litigation was like boxing and after a few three minute rounds one person was declared the winner.

Anyone who has been in litigation will tell you that there is lots of pleasure in slapping a writ on your enemy. If the credits rolled at that point then it would be a very satisfying experience. But they do not. Litigation is stressful, time consuming and expensive.

Your lawyer will advise you to look for every opportunity to avoid litigation. Both contracts and courts often refer matters to mediation where the parties can reach some common ground to settle their difficulties without a court hearing.

So why do it? Unfortunately in business there are people who will treat you as a mug, try to rip you off or just dither. After trying every other avenue even the most prudent of business owner is sometimes faced with the prospect of litigation.

Here are examples of just two dispute situations which all too easily lead to litigation:


Debt collection

Lending money to friends and family


Defamation-the importance of gathering evidence

The legalities in sending the 'wrong' email
ABC Online
 if you're writing a heated email, it's best to leave it overnight before sending it.

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