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The 10 Greatest Legal Mistakes in Business ... and how to avoid them

It is difficult for even the most creative business person to commit entirely new legal mistakes. They've all been done before - many, many times. Often people wait until they are desperate before they see a lawyer about a legal problem - this just seems to be human nature. But you don't need to learn the hard way. You can avoid legal mistakes if you know what is coming.


Take the pain out of partnership disputes

Avoid disaster when buying a business

Benefit from “restraint of trade”clauses

Use trade marks to protect your business name

Prevent the theft of your business secrets

Mediate to settle disputes

Manage litigation - the last resort!

“Knowledge, insights and wisdom.  Paul has a passion for his life and work which is infectious” Susan Heron, CEO, AIM

“terrific, a very inspiring and humorous speaker, everyone was gripped from start to end”. Melbourne lawyer Sharon Givoni

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Paul Brennan, lawyer

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