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Below is a selection of legal articles to give the bottom line on various aspects of the law of particular interest to small and medium size business.  

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1. Businesses tend to make the same mistakes here is a list The 10 Greatest legal mistakes in business .... and how to avoid them this may be too late.

2. There are lots of partnership/shareholder disputes

Article :Breaking up is hard to do - advice for business partners

Paul talks with Phil Dobbie of bNet: When partnerships turn bad

Shareholders disputes - oppression of a minority shareholder

3. Deals

contract law

3. Leases are a minefield

Retail Shop Leases in Queensland - What landlords need to know

Commercial Leases - What tenants need to know

4. Concerns about IP

Attitudes waiver from worrying about a threat of infringing IP to wishing to defend your own.

5. Defaming or being defamed.

Defaming or being defamed.

6. Problems concerning family inheritance going in the wrong direction.

Dealing with Difficult Daughters in Law

Coping with Alcoholic sons

Family dramatics - problems in leaving your money to the right people

If you have still not found the answer to the question which is troubling you I suggest you do the following:

1. Do a Google search and see what comes up. This is very popular in legal circles and even if it does not answer the question it does while away the morning. Maybe this is how you ended up here in the first place.

2. Do a Google search using "lawanddisorder" and the name of your issue. As this site is intended to give the bottom line on various aspects of the law of particular interest to small and medium size business it may just work.

3. Click here to search back copies of the Law & Disorder eZine using the word which best describes your issue.

4. Speak to a lawyer.


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