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Volume 108

September 2015

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Father's Day Special

In this issue:

- Legal Advice to Fathers

- Your Dad and His Money

- Good Will Hunting

Paul Brennan




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Legal Advice to Fathers

After years of striving to bring home more and more bacon, fathers realise that however much bacon is brought home, there never seems to be quite enough.

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Your Dad and His Money


Has your Dad lost his marbles? If so, it is all over for him making a will in your favour, or changing an existing will to disinherit a few of your siblings as he does not have the mental capacity to do so.



Good Will Hunting

 Dear John,

I wish to make a wil
l but I do not have enough to go around and fear that it may get into the wrong hands and cause upset to those who do not get a mention.

JB, Sydney



Hand On to It Girl

Disclaimer: The content of the Law & Disorder eZine is to give you legal basics and in some instances, included unashamedly to try and make you laugh. In law, it is sometimes difficult to work out what is serious and what is just for fun. Therefore, if you plan to do anything legal, rely on your own lawyer's advice or instruct me to look at the particular facts of your case. Not only will I deny responsibility for the legal content but also for some of the jokes. 
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