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For a profession known for taking itself rather seriously, lawyers are also exceptionally good at seeing the funny side of the practice of law.
There are few better at the art of skewering the pretensions and idiosyncrasies of legal practice than Queensland lawyer Paul Brennan, author of the Law & Disorder website which, for years, has been dispensing useful legal advice heavily disguised as comedy. As well as tips on topics such as “The 10 Greatest legal mistakes in business .... and how to avoid them.”, the site is host to caustic and comic legal cartoons, an ezine and more. 

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ABOUT THIS SITE - Information about law in an easy, interesting and often humorous manner.

This site will give you a general view of the law on subjects which affect business owners. It is not limited to any particular country as the general law is very similar in many countries.  If you have a pressing question about the law of a particular country then as depressing as it may feel you are better off speaking to your lawyer. 

A good test of exactly how important a legal question is to you is to ask yourself "Am I ready to pay for the answer?".  If you hesitate then spend the money on something else.  Another test is that you are waking up at 3am.
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Paul Discusses with Phil Dobbie of BTalk Australia the 7 Greatest Legal Mistakes in a Recession.


Watch short video clips on legal topics such as copyright, landlord and tenant, trade marks, computer contracts, confidentiality. 

For example: Landlords and leases

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For instance, his new book called Easy IP which intellectual property lawyers have given the thumbs up.

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